Scala Tutorial for Java Programmers

Learning a new programming language is often a big challenge in itself. So I have created this Scala tutorial with reference of my couple of posts on Scala to reduce your learning curve. As you know Scala is a hybrid programming which combines the features of Object Oriented Programming as well as Functional Programming. So it will be a bit easier to grasp the Object Oriented concepts of Scala for Java Programmers.

This Scala tutorial will give you a brief idea on Object Oriented programming in Scala. You can compare the same concepts with Java but before you move forward I recommend first post related to Scala Installation.

Scala Introduction

Scala Syntax and Control Structures

Scala Data Types

Scala Traits

Scala Arrays & Collections

Scala Option, Pattern Matching & Exception Handling

Apart from above details, do you know one interesting about Scala that it can also be used as a scripting language in windows batch scripting as well as Unix/Linux shell scripting.

Above part of the tutorial is related to Object Oriented programming and Scala is also a Functional Language below are some links which will give you a brief on Functional Programming part of Scala.

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