Scala Tutorial for Java Programmers

Learning a new programming language is often a big challenge in itself. So I have created this Scala tutorial with reference of my couple of posts on Scala to reduce your learning curve. As you know Scala is a hybrid programming which combines the features of Object Oriented Programming as well as Functional Programming. So it will be a bit easier to grasp the Object Oriented concepts of Scala for Java Programmers.

This Scala tutorial will give you a brief idea on Object Oriented programming in Scala. You can compare the same concepts with Java but before you move forward I recommend first post related to Scala Installation.

Scala Introduction

Scala Syntax and Control Structures

Scala Data Types

Scala Traits

Scala Arrays & Collections

Scala Option, Pattern Matching & Exception Handling

Apart from above details, do you know one interesting about Scala that it can also be used as a scripting language in windows batch scripting as well as Unix/Linux shell scripting.

Above part of the tutorial is related to Object Oriented programming and Scala is also a Functional Language below are some links which will give you a brief on Functional Programming part of Scala.

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  1. Good Morning,
    Thank you for sharing such a great tutorial… I am new to programming domain and want to build my career in Big Data…..can you please share some tutorial for fresher who can learn scala from basic or can you please advise how to start scala preparation as I don’t have prior knowledge on java…

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